8 year old Mayuresh’s words warmed our hearts

We have winners all around us and yet few win the game called life. We are featuring one such winner here! Meet Mayuresh Hitesh Sardesai.

Mayuresh is like any other 8 year old. He attends school; goes to his piano and guitar classes, troubles his mom for toys, paying heed only to his dad’s deep baritone voice.

The only difference between Mayuresh and other kids of his age is; he has undergone a liver transplant at a very tender age; a procedure that lasted almost 12 hours.

Mayuresh was diagnosed with Citrullinemia type II, a liver disorder that develops during infancy. Citrullinemia, type II (CIT II) is a condition in which the body is unable to make citrin, a protein that helps move substances within the cells. These substances are important for breaking down sugars, producing proteins and nucleotides, thereby allowing the liver to function normally.

Luckily for Mayuresh, this disorder was identified at the time of his birth. The doctors informed Mayuresh’s parents that he will have to undergo a liver transplant.

A mother holds her child in her heart forever and it was no surprise that Bhavna (Mayuresh’s mother) was ready to donate a part of her liver to Mayuresh. Mayuresh’s parents have been through a lot. Mayuresh is their 4th and only child who has survived post birth.

This clearly emphasizes that new-born screening is of utmost importance. New-born screening is a program of screening in infant’s shortly after birth for a list of conditions that are treatable.

Mayuresh was bubbling with energy when we met him at his residence. He was jumping around, playing with toys and asking us all innocent questions on seeing our camera equipment. It felt good to see him in that happy state.

For him to go through such an ordeal must have been difficult. Not once, did it show on him. For sure, there are certain lessons that we adults can learn from kids like Mayuresh; to face difficult situations in life with a smile and gracefully accept what life throws at you.

Post the operation, functioning of Mayuresh’s liver had to be monitored regularly. Frequent blood tests were to be conducted along with the Tacrolimus test. The reports of blood test and Tacrolimus are critical as they would guide the treating doctor to decide the course and dosage of medication to be prescribed to Mayuresh. Also, the reports had to be accurate and prompt.

Mayuresh’s father was on the lookout for a good and trusted laboratory to do it. They visited Metropolis as it was situated in their vicinity.

As per Mayuresh’s father, the decision to choose Metropolis was spot on. Within the first few visits to Metropolis, they realised that they had come to the right place and the right people. Mayuresh’s father said and we quote, “the workforce at Metropolis is very co-operative, courteous, skilled and experienced. They possess the requisite skill set to handle kids as kids tend to get fidgety during such tests”.

On account of the skilled, courteous staff and the relaxed atmosphere, Mayuresh’s parents are finding it easy to convince Mayuresh to go for the blood test every week as required.

By Mayuresh’s own admission, he doesn’t feel scared while doing blood tests. After the blood test, the employees take selfies with Mayuresh and give him chocolates. Mayuresh enjoys the process and comes home. It is a testimony to what Metropolis believes in. Being empathetic to our customers and committed to their needs.