Ujjwala Sanzgiri: An Expert Phlebotomist

Vein detection and blood collection is an art. We collect samples from babies that are as small as two days old. We are the best, not just in India but also globally.

We meet Ujjwala at our Gamdevi Laboratory, which is where the story of Metropolis started back in 1981. She joined in January 1994. The New Year marked a new journey for Ujjwala.

Ujjwala came in with a solid experience of 8 years and she was immediately assigned to the sample processing department. Later, she also started doing blood collection. Little did she know then, that she will go on to become the champion phlebotomist at Metropolis. Not only that, Ujjwala always walks the extra mile for patients and doctors. She has also done blood collection during a bandh (shutdown). It’s because of Metropolitans like Ujjwala that we are always able to deliver the promise of accuracy and quality to our patients.

We probe her about the initial days of blood collection and she recounts collecting samples from some eminent personalities including top industrialists and Bollywood celebrities. Ujjwala proudly states that a number of celebrities are our clients. We ask her how it feels to work at Metropolis and pat comes the reply

‘I feel like a celebrity. When I walk back home from the laboratory, there are a number of people who stop by and say “Hello’’.

People recognise her because of Metropolis. Ujjwala says and we quote, “This job has given me stardom”. It’s a validation for her long tenure with Metropolis. She has been the face of the South Bombay hub for about 25 years now. Even today, after these many years of work experience and being an expert in customer experience and phlebotomy, Ujjwala is a shadow of humility. She remains constantly cheerful and is genuinely happy to see her customers. She is being admired and adored by customers who walk into the Gamdevi center.

Vein Detection is an art

“Vein detection and blood collection is an art,” she tells us and it’s important to put the patient at ease. That is the most important thing. If the patient is stiff, blood collection is going to be difficult. If the patient is relaxed, then it’s a walk in the park. She confidently states that Metropolis enjoys an extremely loyal customer base because of the kind of satisfying experience it gives to its patients. “Metropolis has always put the patient ahead of economics.”

Always doing the right thing

Whether the supervisory body/regulator was in existence or not, we always did the right thing. In her 25 years at Metropolis, Ujjwala witnessed patients who had come to her as babies, kids and now they are all grown up. Such an amazing journey for such an amazing person!

“We collect samples from babies that are as small as two days old. We are the best, not just in India but also globally. “She recounts a particular memory that speaks a lot about the quality DNA of Metropolis. A lady patient once came into the Gamdevi lab with two reports, one from Metropolis and the other from a very reputed hospital. It was a simple blood group report which is correct, more often than not.

However, her reports stated different blood groups. Even back then, Metropolis followed the practice of storing samples in case a re-test was required. After seeing the reports, the sample was re-tested twice. The test results clearly stated that Metropolis had given her the correct report. Ever since, for all her pathology needs, the patient has turned to our Gamdevi center.

We ask her to sum up her experience in one word and she says, “Awesome”. Every day there is something new to learn here. Metropolis offers a wide range of tests and it has been ahead of the competition at all times. Ujjwala is very well aware of all the tests, sample requirements, TAT etc. All this has been possible because Metropolis presented her with various opportunities to learn and grow. It truly nurtures you, gives you mental strength and financial independence.

On that note, we took Ujjwala’s leave and let her continue what she does best, ensuring incredible customer experience.