Metropolis is one big happy family: Mangesh Salunke

What do you mean by work life balance? For me. Metropolis is like a family!

Mangesh joined Metropolis on 5th April 2004. It’s a long journey spanning over 14 years.

Mangesh is responsible for handling the overall operations of the Prabhadevi center. Mangesh’s core responsibilities include managing the walk-ins and corporate business, the vendor-related process for all the wellness centres in Mumbai, corporate tie-ups and devising various initiatives for consolidating Metropolis’s brand identity. Mangesh has assisted in setting up wellness centres in Pune and Jalgaon.

Mangesh states that Metropolis has an employee-oriented corporate culture. There are ample opportunities for growth. Mangesh gives his own example to validate the growth opportunities. He had joined as a Report Assistance in 2004. Today, he is the Center Head for Prabhadevi wellness center. With hard work and perseverance, you are bound to achieve success. Mangesh says that there is new to learn here every day.

The difficult part about Mangesh’s job is the challenges that he faces every day. Clearly, he enjoys these challenges and overcomes them. The good part about his job is the support that he receives from his colleagues and seniors and the family-like atmosphere at Metropolis. He says we are all treated like one big family unit.

Mangesh emphasizes that sincerity, loyalty and love for the organisation are some of the qualities required to perform his job at Metropolis. Mangesh believes that he is a disciplinarian. However, at the same time, he understands the difficulties faced by his peers and juniors and also tries to boost their morale.

We asked him as to what does he like most about working at Metropolis? With a twinkle in his eyes, he says the opportunities for growth that are present in the organisation. The constant support received to excel in the workplace and the recognition of one’s effort.

We ask him about his work-life balance and he says that family comes first. You need to be able to differentiate between the families. Gauging by our confused expressions, Mangesh clarified his statement saying that even Metropolis is his family. He is and will be available anywhere and anytime for Metropolis.

He very fondly recalls a memory. He was in-charge of consent and co-ordination for DNA paternity testing that was introduced in Metropolis. It was a challenging role for Mangesh. He managed it successfully and his efforts were rewarded by the management. He says that if Metropolis was a living thing, then it would be caring, loving and at the same time live up to its set principles and values. The biggest takeaway yet from this Metropolis journey for Mangesh is the exposure to the diverse work culture and tons of experience that he has accumulated over the years.

On an ending note, he remembers an event which is still fresh in memory. On account of the heavy rainfall and floods in the state of Maharashtra on 26th July 2005, the ground floor of the Metropolis lab at Prabhadevi, Mumbai was completely submerged under water. Mangesh and the entire team started shifting all the machines, equipment’s, accessories etc. to the first floor of the lab. It took them four gruelling to complete the shifting. And, finally they did it.

The overall spirit of the city and the state was numb. However, on that particular day, Mangesh heaved a sigh of relief and felt happy as he and his colleagues prevented the damage that was to happen to the office property.