Ensuring Customer Delight, Every Single Day: Vaibhav Jadhav

Walking the Extra Mile for our Patients: The Incredible Home Visit Team

Vaibhav joined Metropolis in May 2010 as a phlebotomist. Metropolis’ home service runs on a well built and customised app used by all phlebotomists. Vaibhav is notified of his daily visits through the app. Of course, there are special requirements for each test because the accuracy of the report depends on it. Experts like Vaibhav ensure that such requirements are met every single time.

For certain tests pertaining to liver and kidney, the home visit team receive specific timing details as these tests are time bound. In some cases, blood has to be collected just prior to the consumption of the prescribed dosage.

Putting the customer first, every single day

Vaibhav spends about 30 minutes per visit and does about 7-8 collections in a day. The difficult part about Vaibhav’s job is the challenge to manage time effectively. Vaibhav and his team follow the “share visit” concept. Giving an example, Vaibhav states that if one of the home visit technicians is going to be late for a visit, then that technician calls up another technician who is nearest to the patient’s vicinity. That technician then collects the blood sample from the patient. However, before sharing these visits amongst them, the home visit technician calls up and enquires with the patient, if it will be okay to be a few minutes late for the visit? If the patient agrees, the visit is conducted by the assigned person. Or else, it’s re-assigned and allotted to the home visit technician who is nearest to the patient’s location.

On occasions, Vaibhav and his team receive same day booking. Patients who want the test to be done on the same day of booking. They are also catered to at the earliest. At times, Vaibhav has done blood collection even at 10 PM. There are emergency calls that are to be attended. All this is managed as the pressure is not solely taken by any one individual. Vaibhav states and we quote, “the entire team chips in, which makes this a great place to work”.

Vaibhav states that the best part in Metropolis is the training they provide. According to him, Metropolis trains you perfectly. Every member who joins the health home care team has to undergo extensive training. Once trained, they are assigned the task of doing visits. The visits become difficult to execute during the monsoon season. Delays, water logging, the absence of transportation etc. lead to an inconsistent number of visits per day.

We asked him as to what does he like most about working at Metropolis? Vaibhav replies affirmatively stating that the remuneration provided by Metropolis is the best in the industry. To accompany it, is the support of seniors and a family atmosphere.

We ask him about his work-life balance and he says that Metropolis and its patients come first. He devotes a bit of evening time to his family as his shift timings are from 7 AM to 3 PM.He recalls a memory wherein he had taken the blood sample of our MD, Ms Ameera Shah. He had taken the sample very smoothly as his training and experience had instilled confidence in him.

On a closing note, Vaibhav wants to express his sincere gratitude to his peers, the senior management and all the Metropolitans. He wants to especially thank his mentor, Mr Rohan Paralkar for giving him the opportunity to join Metropolis.

We express our gratitude to Vaibhav and are indebted to service champions like him!