Read on Mr Srinivasan’s Second Innings

People with compassion walk the extra mile to do what is right

Mr Srinivasan (Former Chairman, Bank of India) says and we quote, “My second life has started in February, thanks to Metropolis”. Read more and watch this video to find out about his unique experience with Metropolis. 

Metropolis has always taken pride in walking the extra mile for its customers. But it is not every day that we are presented with an opportunity to save a life. We express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr Srinivasan, one of our regular patients, for sharing his story with us.

Mr Srinivasan was born in a village in Tamil Nadu. His village comprised of only 3 houses with no electricity and no wall clock to keep one abreast of the time. From those humble beginnings to becoming the Chairman of Bank of India and various other banks, Mr Srinivasan has literally witnessed the 360-degree shift in life. He owes all achievements and success to the blessings that he received from his parents, the almighty and a bit of luck.

Recalling the memory of that critical day on 16th February 2017, Mr Srinivasan stated that from early morning, he was not his usual self. He was feeling uneasy and looked stressed which was noticed by their home cook. He was working on some project. However, he couldn’t continue as the discomfort increased.  Luckily, a Metropolis Center is within walking distance from his house.

He went to Metropolis to get an ECG test done. The report of the first ECG came normal. However, Mr Srinivasan knew that something was amiss. He asserted that he was not well. The doctor suggested him to go for another ECG test after a span of 15 to 20 minutes.

Approximately after 20 minutes, the second ECG test was conducted and what the report presented left everyone gobsmacked. Mr Srinivasan was having a heart attack. Mr Srinivasan and the others were shocked at the sudden turn of events. Mr Srinivasan even thought to himself that within such a short span of time, one’s fate can change drastically.

Somehow, he gathered courage and requested the doctor to let him go back home. He wanted to prepare himself mentally and financially to combat this situation. His family members were travelling and were not in town.  On learning this, Dr. Rina from Metropolis denied permission to Mr Srinivasan to go home. She put him in a wheelchair, took up full responsibility and got him admitted to the nearest hospital.

The doctors at the hospital found two blocked arteries. Immediately, an angioplasty was carried out to remove those blocks. Post the entire experience, Mr Srinivasan truly believes that his second innings in life has begun.

Mr Srinivasan says and we quote, “My second life has started in February, thanks to Metropolis”. He is indebted to Dr Rina from Metropolis for giving him a new lease on life.

At Metropolis, we feel fortunate to have saved a life. It is these moments that give us the satisfaction of doing the right thing every single time.