Ensuring zero pre-analytical errors at Metropolis’ GRL

I went on my maternity leave for about six moths. I could not wait for the day when I could come back to the Lab and work again

Sonal Shah…A true Metropolitan in every regard!

Sonal joined Metropolis in the year 2001. She started working while she was still pursuing her academic education. Prior to joining Metropolis, Sonal was associated with a top hospital in Mumbai. The staff at the hospital often told her that ‘workaholics and dedicated souls like her should go to Metropolis. It will be a match made in heaven. And, indeed it was one!

She was neither asked for a CV, nor did she submit any documents. She joined in as a technician and juggled between departments and was finally put in charge of the sample accession department.

Sonal states that after moving to the accession department in year 2006, her real journey started. She had a team to work with. Along with her team members, Sonal streamlined the entire process and the accession department within a year.

When she was given the responsibility of streamlining the accession department, she was warned by a few of her colleagues that, “it’s a thankless job. There is little or no appreciation and heavy workload in terms of groundwork and manual tasks”. She did not pay heed to all this chitter-chatter. She did her work and the results were for everyone to see.

In her second year at Metropolis, during the annual function, Sonal was awarded for her extreme dedication and passion. She stood first amongst the select few who qualified for the award. She says, “it was a great feeling and I felt like being on top of the world.”

Ensuring Zero Pre Analytical Errors

Sonal informs, 67% of laboratory errors happen in the pre-analytical stage, that’s even before the sample is tested. All of these errors are preventable if a proven system and protocol are being set and followed. This is exactly what we do at Metropolis. She proudly states, today the margin of error is less than 1% in Metropolis. The workload for Sonal and her team is more than 10,000 samples a day. She is responsible for making sure that there are zero errors before the sample gets tested.

As per Sonal, Metropolis never comprises on quality. The abnormal values in a test are always cross-checked with a reflex test or the same test. Metropolis makes sure that the findings of the report are accurate and there is no scope for any error.

We ask her what keeps her at Metropolis and she replied that it is the people at Metropolis.  “Most of the people working here and in the other departments are experts in their own way. The management team is good, each one a visionary and full of humility. Further to this, there is something new to learn here every day. I have never really looked beyond Metropolis and there has never been a need to”.

Sonal proudly recalls a memory. During the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) audit in Metropolis, Sonal was the section head of the accession department. After auditing the documents, the auditor praised Sonal and her team. It was one of the biggest achievements for Sonal, her team and overall for the accession department. Sonal proudly states that she has visited many of our sister labs like Desai Lab, Surat, Baroda, Sanket Lab, Ahmedabad, Gokula Lab & R. V Diagnostic in Bangalore, Lister Chennai Lab, Indore Lab, Aurangabad Lab, Micron Lab, Panvel, Patel Metropolis, Nasik etc. At all these locations, she has set the best protocol in Accession department. She has also trained the staff at all the locations and streamlined the process of registering samples.

From those early days, when the samples were barcoded manually in the ELISA department to now, where almost the entire ELISA department is being automated, Sonal has surely walked a long mile with Metropolis.

Sonal is one dedicated soul. On her maternity leave taken for about six months, she felt restless every single day. She said, “I just could not wait to come back and start working again”. She summed up her entire Metropolis journey in one word, “Marvellous”.

Sonal states that the culture is very good in Metropolis. It’s like one big family. She chuckles while saying that her husband might raise an eyebrow to the fact that she classified Metropolis as her family. However, Sonal is determined to stand her ground making us even more proud of having a gem like her in Metropolis!

She says and we quote, “Metropolis is a patient-centric organisation”. She affirms her motto, “one life and one organisation!”