A Metropolitan for 30 years, A Metropolitan for Life

Rahul Joshi, one of our earliest Metropolitan, recalls visiting Kapil Dev for a home visit sample collection

Rahul Joshi is one of our oldest champions who has been on board for almost three decades now. He joined in the year 1991 and started his stint at the Gamdevi branch. He recalls his early days wherein he used to do sample collection for people who travelled to the Gulf on work or for leisure. He juggled between the Gamdevi and Opera House branches in the initial years.

He has visited many famous & eminent personalities for home blood collection. He recalls one incident where he visited the legendary cricketer Kapil Dev & experienced his generous hospitality.

Over the past three decades, Rahul has been a witness to the transformation that Metropolis has gone through from being an almost manual lab to a semi-automated lab and now to a fully automatic laboratory with manual processes only at areas where it is mandated. While the processes have undergone a huge change, Rahul says two things have not changed at all: the feeling of belonging to a family and the inherent DNA of quality.

He attributes his long stay in Metropolis to his mentor and our chairman, Dr. Sushil Shah. According to Rahul, Dr. Shah is someone who treats his people like one of his own. On the professional front, he would encourage and listen to your ideas.

Rahul has undertaken multiple projects in Metropolis. However, by his own admission, his expertise lies in setting up of labs. After starting from Thane, He has set up labs in various locations like Borivali, Nalasopara, Ulhasnagar, Kopar Khairane, Kolhapur, Nagpur, Solapur, Aurangabad, Patna, Kharghar (Mumbai) etc. He gets involved in the a to z of lab setup; deciding the number of machines, the volume of staff, the kind of training to be imparted and ensuring the overall smooth flow of the operations at the lab. In addition to all this, Rahul has visited various Labs like Kolkata, Jodhpur for streamlining the operational processes.

He has faced multiple challenges while setting up these labs. However, that is what drives him and allows him to excel in his work. He referenced the Solapur lab mentioning that the revenue from the lab has grown substantially since its launch. Seeing the lab do well is one of the biggest satisfaction for Rahul’s team and more so for Rahul.

We ask him if Metropolis was a living thing, what attribute it would possess. He assuredly replies that if Metropolis would have been a living thing then it would have been ‘generous’. Someone, who would have the qualities of care and compassion. On quizzed as to how long his innings would continue at Metropolis and quick comes the reply from Rahul, “I have never ever thought about quitting Metropolis as I keep getting new projects and new challenges. That is what keeps me going”.

The journey from a technician to playing an important operational role has truly been a thrilling ride for Rahul. Rahul says that he wishes to be here at Metropolis and keep doing his bit. He also wishes to train the newly appointed staff and help them get into the groove as soon as possible. On that noble thought, we wished him good luck and more power to achieve what he intends to.