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Microsoft store opens tomorrow at Park Meadows: Eat that, Apple!

11 years ago by Melanie Asmar
The wait is over, nerds. Microsoft has announced the location of its third-ever store: the Park Meadows shopping center in Lone Tree. Or, as the center's promo folks like to call it, "the Park Meadows Retail Resort." Back in April, we told you Microsoft was planning to open a store...

Boulder Isn't Nearly as Young, White and PC as You Think

4 years ago by Michael Roberts
Around the country, Boulder has a reputation as a youthful, wealthy, lily-white, politically progressive utopia. But the truth turns out to be considerably more complicated. According to "Boulder County Trends," a fascinating new report from the Community Foundation Boulder County that's accessible below, the population in the area is growing older and more diverse in ways that are complicating the interactions of the well-off and their less financially secure neighbors. Moreover, the county's ideology doesn't always translate into fairness or charity in quite the ways most locals likely imagine.

Indie film production

13 years ago by Jim Ridley
Michael Jacobs, a filmmaker based in San Francisco, is the director of a movie called Audience of One. It's a documentary about a Pentecostal minister who says he's gotten the divine green light to make a mega-budget, religious science-fiction epic. If you attended one of twenty-odd regional film festivals in...

Four Key Questions Now That the Oil and Gas Bill Has Passed

2 years ago by Chase Woodruff
It’s the most substantial overhaul to Colorado oil and gas law in almost seventy years — and that overhaul is only just beginning.

For Nazi Officers, Trinidad's POW Camp Was the Great Escape

4 years ago by Alan Prendergast
At the outbreak of World War II, America had no idea how to run a camp for prisoners of war. The troops in Trinidad, guarding thousands of elite Nazi officers, figured it out as they went along.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.